The Missing Camera


The Missing Camera


A short true story by R.E. bertlow




I had been looking for my Camera since my Birthday. It had been three days now since I had last had my camera I was becoming concerned. I had last seen my camera when we went to get our couples massage on my birthday. I wanted to take some pictures and post them on Facebook to share my birthday with my friends and an assortment of other random strangers. We loaded up in the car and placed my camera between the seat and the center console and promptly forgot it when we got out at the ACE for our Massages. Once we were done with our time at the ACE we headed home. A little later that morning we went to pick up our Cocker from the groomer. We took the two other dogs with us for the ride. The Corgi/Sheltie likes to roll the back window down so we make sure they are locked (If we don’t he holds his paw on the switch until the window is all the way down and his head is in the wind.). The Lab likes to keep his two front paws on the center console and stick his head out of the Sunroof on the Land Cruiser and catch wind in his jaws.



When we would come to a stop sign or light, Joe would sometimes slip and his right paw would fall down between the passengers seat and the center console while his left paw would dig into my partners side. When my partner would disengaged Joe’s claws from his side his now righted right paw would slip once more.




We got home and I got busy preparing for the BBQ we were having. Didn’t think about my camera until guest started arriving. I gave a quick look but that was about it, guest were here let the fun begin.



The next morning we headed off to Sunday Services in the other car. We later headed off to the movies so I didn’t think much about where my camera was it was in the house somewhere besides I wasn’t going to be taking pictures at the movies (I tend to carry my camera everywhere. How else are you gonna get that once in a life time shot).



When we got back from the movies I looked for the camera again to no avail. My husband wanted to walk the dogs so we loaded all three up in the Land Cruiser and headed to down town Palm Springs.



As we got closer to where we park Joe turned into Prancine ( one of the nick names I gave him for the little dance he does when he is excited the other is Drooly Andrews. Or Drool’s Jurgensen(Watch maker).) he was a regular dancer. What dance he was doing I couldn’t say but it went something like this. Taped tap, right paw slip, side gouge, right paw slip, taped taped taped tap and repeat. ( sounds like a line dance.)



We parked the car after my husband had endured about 4 rounds of the Prancine and got the dogs all leashed up and collared with their LED leashes and collars (the charge on the USB and are very bright excellent for night walks.) and headed out for our walk.



We walked the downtown area then walked over to Arenas and had Yogurt at Eddies (A very popular Yogurt shop.) and the dogs got some water (Eddie was always good about that.) The Yogurt is great and Eddie is sweet and easy on the eye’s. He is a genuine person with a good sense of humor. We finished our yogurt and headed home. As we got close to the drive way Prancine took the stage one last time.



We got in the house and I started the search for my Camera once again. My husband said where did you have it last. I told him I thought it was the Land Cruiser but that I had checked and didn’t see it.



I spent the next day looking for it off and on. I was beginning to think that maybe I had left it in the locker at the ACE and just forgotten I had brought it in.



I was beginning to get concerned as I take a great many pictures and the other camera I had (same camera we bought three( One was to be a gift but never became one.).) took a nose dive (*The display screen stopped working.) I was feeling lost with out my camera but it seem to be no where in sight.



I got up the next morning and decided to retrace my steps to the last know place I had my camera. I searched the Land Cruiser once again and dug a bit deeper shoving my fist down between the passenger seat and the center console, beyond where I could see. Feeling around I pulled out a few recipients and then felt something solid. I heard the familiar jingle of the sipper on the case. I reached a little further down and Low and behold there was my Camera. It seems that every time Joe’s right paw slipped it shoved my camera further and further down until it had become wedged under the seat brace and the floor almost unreachable.



I have always said if you want to find what you have lost you have to retrace your steps to see where you lost it. Every time I retrace my steps I always find what I am missing.

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