Match Game Set

Match Game Set

My guilty little pleasure


By R.E. bertlow

Feeling a bit nostalgic last night I decides to watch some episodes of Match game. Match game was one of those 70′s game shows that had a celebrity panel. It was not as formal as say whats my line or Hollywood squares. No Match Game was more like the Animals running the zoo. That was what made Match Game the great game show that it was. The panel usually has had a few cocktails. And Smoking was common place. It was a game show based on risque answers.. As a teenage boy it was always interesting and a bit titillating to hear some of those questions. They would always get a good snicker out of me.

Match Game was one of those rare game shows that you wanted to be on because it seemed like a good time show. You didn’t have to be an intellectual to answer their questions or have to perform some special task in 60 seconds. All you had to do was have a little common sense and logic, it wasn’t that difficult to play. And the panel sure seem to have a lot of fun, what with the cocktails and such. And most importantly it was very very funny. It also had some of the highest prize dollar amounts for a game show of the 70′s. Which didn’t hurt.

Match game was one of those shows that was decade specific. The questions they ask would probably not work today. The questions they asked represented and where a reflection of the 70′s and the current affairs One contestant proclaimed she was a liberated woman who had move from the south to

Los Angeles. When she proclaimed was liberated she did it with gusto, thrusting her fist in the air. She then proceeded to have her Liberated Status deflated a bit by Gene Rayburn who questions just how liberated she could possible be since she came to the show with her visiting father. The panel and audience gave the obligatory chuckle and the game goes on.

It was different in the 70′s. There was a different consciousness and a far different sensibility. The two didn’t always match. It was a consciousness of change so fresh that it sensibility hadn’t yet caught up. Often time it was made fun of and light of. Some of the banter they used then would not even enter our minds to use now a days. It would just seem archaic. We have come so far from that era . Well at least a great many of us have,we have learned a few things and grown up a bit as well. Still game shows like Match Game are fun to watch. They become guilty pleasures. We set aside the out dated references for the real brilliance of the show. The panels ability to think on their feet and give witty, rye and funny answers that still hold up even though their references are dated.

I loved looking at the outfits the guest wore. It takes me back to when I wore leisure suites and Platform shoes. Granny dress and skirts were popular and as the decade progressed Farah would be come Americas Prom Queen and Lee Majors it’s King. Wide lapels and thick Tie knots were the order of the day (we still wore times for occasions like appearing on a game show. One guest in particular wore a red tie so wide with a wide and long collar all he needed was a foam nose to complete the look.

Looking back we sure looked goofy. Now a day we call that feathered look on men Porn Star hair. We have since learned come overs are bad and bald is sexy. (Teli started preaching that in the 70′s) well most of us anyway.

They always had that Faux stone wall that made me think of a grotto for what ever reason. The guest would swing around in their seats and it was like they had just come up from the grotto and a swinging party. The show that had it’s pulse on the public and took it’s lead from what was going on turning it into solid comedy gold. We sat around our t.v.’s and waited for the next question about dumb Dora or or the old man or maybe Count Dracula. Gene would do his best impression of whom ever it was and we would all laugh and wait to here what the panel gave as answers hoping we had the definitive answer as we played along at home.

So Match game has been my guilty pleasure ever since it came on they air. I am glad they do not try to resurrect this classic for the modern audience yet instead re run the originals. It sure was fun taking a trip back in time. Especially laugh so hard it hurts. I think I’ll watch again to night.

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