Labor Day the last Summer Shabang

Labor Day the last Summer Shabang

Hello All Helpful Hank here, it is Labor Day weekend. My dad and one of my younger brothers ( And his late wife.) were and are members of a labor union. While Labor unions sometimes get bad wraps ( lets face it some do deserve them.) let us not forget why Unions were started. To make sure that the laborer had a say in there working conditions. With out unions we may have taken a lot longer to get child labor laws in place. There would be no rules governing a safe work environment.

Unions played a key part in making this nation great, and making laborers feel they had a stake in this greatest of land we call America. Here are some facts about the history of Labor Day that you may not know.

The Celebration of Labor day is over 100 years old. There is some dispute over who purposed Labor Day but the popular belief today was that is was a Machinist by the name of Matthew Maguire. In 1882. Originally it was believed to have been proposed by a carpenter named Peter McGuire but they now believe it was Matthew. (Interesting to note they both had the same last name essentially.)

The first Labor Day was on September 5, 1883 it was not a national holiday and it wasn’t on a Monday it was on a Tuesday. It wouldn’t be until the next year 1884 that labor day would be on a Monday.

The first government recognition of Labor Day came through municipal ordinances passed in 1885 and 1886. it was made a Working man’s Holiday to celebrate the workers contributions to America.

By 1894 Congress made Labor Day and Official holiday in the District of Columbia and the territories

In 1909 Labor Day Sunday was established at the American Federation of Labor convention as a day to dedicate to the spiritual and educational aspects of labor.

Winding it down.

well summer is winding to a close, the kids have gone back to school and The last of the summer holidays is upon us. Labor Day weekend is here. It is a chance to take that last trip to the beach or lake, or that end of summer camping trip, or have friends over for a BBQ or maybe even just Chill out in the pool. Whatever your plans are some ways to make it more enjoyable.

Mango Mango

Mango Pineapple Smoothies

Smoothie and refreshing. Most of my friends will tell you I am quickly becoming the king of smoothies. Here is a simple recipe for a very refreshing smoothy. Here is what you will need.

1 ripe Mango

1 whole small Pineapple

¼ cup Agave nectar or Honey

1 cup of Orange Juice

Half a Blender full of Ice

 Peel your Mango and Pineapple and throw away rinds core and seed respectively. Cut up about half your Pineapple and place in blender with all of your Mango and the Agave Nectar. Add in Orange juice and blend till smooth and serve. You and your guest will love its cool refreshing tropical taste.

*You can also add in Coconut extract or Coconut cream as well.

Mango Cream Ambrosia

This is an easy way to create a delicious new twist on an old favorite. I remember have my first taste of Ambrosia long ago. It was different then a Waldorf Salad as Ambrosia as I’ve been taught, had shredded coconut in it where as a Waldorf salad doesn’t. Ambrosia’s also tend to incorporate more tropical fruit which, makes them an ideal summer salad.

Here is what you will need

½ Mango peeled cut and strained through a mesh strainer

1 to 2 pints heavy whipping cream ( depending on size of salad.)

1/8 cup Agave Nectar.

Cap full of Vanilla extract

Bowl with ice. For Ice Bath

Mango Cream

After you have assembled your ambrosia but before you add the whipped cream (always better to make it fresh) take ½ a Mango and cut it up into chunk’s mash it through a mesh strainer into the bowl you will use to make your cream in. Add in Vanilla, Agave Nectar and Heavy whipping cream and set bowl inside Ice bath and beat with mixer until nice fluffy peaks start to form then mix in with prepared ambrosia fixings and enjoy.

Keeping Bugs at bay

This time of year can be a real problem for insects. Forget about the penny bag and other odd remedies for keeping flying insects at bay, When you think about Flies and Bees you realize they have three things in common other then they both fly. 1 they have serious sweet tooth’s 2 they are not big fans of smoke. 3. the hate strong winds. Here are 4 tips to keeping your gathering a little more bug free.

1 Keep flying insects a little more at bay is to put open containers of of sugar water at the perimeters of

your gathering. This will attract the flying insects.

2.Use Citronella candles away from eating area help as help keep bees and flays away

3.Fans are a good way to keep flying insect at bay

4. It is wise to keep food covered and indoors if you can. Be mindful of soda cans bees get trapped in

them and the next thing you know you have a swollen tongue or worse. Taking soda out of the can

and putting it into a cup can help assure you know what you are drinking.

Well folks that about wraps it up. Keep it safe. Keep it sane. Don’t drink and drive,

Until next time God Bless and go out and be the change you want see

Helpful Hank

Quick Tip: that travel coffee cup isn’t just for your morning coffee. Stick it in the freezer and you have got yourself a nice little chilled travel cup for a cold beverage to enjoy wherever you go.

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