Floating on my raft

Floating on my raft


By R.E. bertlow


As I lay there on my raft,

the song of mother nature caresses the air.


The fall of the water, the chord of the bird, the breezed kissed



All in sweet harmony. Sing, Sing in harmony, Transport me away.

To another time, a different time, a younger age.


I cut and picked apricots in drying sheds that are no longer.

I played kick the can on roads we have long since left.

I climbed hillsides and built hay forts with friends, that have long

since left my life.

I can see my mother chasing our cow out of the corner of my eye

I move just in time,

Down the drive way they fly as wait on the school bus the

excitement just to much.

We drop our books and chase after them my brothers and I.

My mother and the cow that seems to allude her for now.

Victory will soon be hers ! The bus would find us one stop up and

our neighbors would hand us our books as we headed into school.


I Smell the sweet smell of my fathers cigar and am transported.

Back to vacations and camping trips,

filled with, John Wayne baths, campfire guitars

and marsh mellow roast, two on a stick!

The sweet smell of the summer cigar wafts past me again.

It is then that I realize it is the sweet smell of summer jasmine.

Ahhhhhh Mother nature you have fooled me again.

You have allowed me to linger in a memory that is no longer.

Just for the shear sake of the smile and the joy.

Always the clever one.

I let you do it every time my dear, I always will.



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One Response to Floating on my raft

  1. Karen Dobroszelski says:

    Beautiful… made me think of the happier times in my childhood as well… You always have a way with words… Love & miss you lots… Have a great Labor Day… Love to Steve and the pups as well… and to your mother…

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