Sweeeet Sunday Sermon of Song











Sweeeet Sunday Sermon of Song




by. Russ Bertlow










The day has just begun. The choir is in fine form.




Before I even step out into the morning chapel,




the choir has begun to sing.




The sweeet gospel of Momma Nature.




Hummie, Harvey and Henry Hark buzzing and zipping around.




My little Hummingbirds doing there best to usher everyone into this mornings sunrise service.




That sweeeet Sunday sermon of song.




The moment comes when the days gift from God is reveled as bright light ascends


high to illuminate the day.




The crescendo of soulful songs of Gods nature choir is strong as the Son ascends into the sky,


brighter and brighter.




Ahhhhhh sweeeet Sunday morning gospel being sung.




Welcoming the day as the new Sunflower seedlings wave good morning


from the garden where the song is strong.




Sweeeet Sunday sermon of song coming down like sweeeet jazz unfettered .




A smooth, soulful, joyous song. 

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