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Hi Folks, I’m Helpful Hank. In the coming weeks I will be answering your questions and giving you tips, hints, and information about Bargains and deals.

My Father taught me three valuable lessons very early on and one is, never force something it is a good way to break it. That advice works when fixing many things. Whether it is a car or a relationship the second thing he taught me was always have the right tools for the job. Jerry rigging anything means at minimum you’ll have to fix it again if it is fixable. The third lesson he taught me is never be too stubborn to ask for help. Sometimes we can’t fix it by ourselves we need help to do so.

As a former teacher, the words of wisdom my second grade teacher Kay, taught me were and are invaluable. This little saying of hers let me know all things are possible. “It is impossible to say you can’t if you can’t say it’s impossible.” She should know, she recovered from traumatic brain trauma back in the sixties and went on to be a second grade teacher. Her words show us that we are only limited by our conceived ability and our imagination, there is always a way to figure it out. My friends have been coming to me for years wanting my advice. This for me is the next Step. I love to share tips I have learned over the years and I have been told that. My Advice is pretty much on the mark whether they wanted to hear at the time or not to top it off I love a good deal and a bargain who doesn’t. So to that end, I have decided to write a column that is different then what you would normally see out there. It will be part Advice Column, part hints and tip sheet as well as letting you know where a bargain can be found.

Life isn’t always going to be easy it can get very messy at times. Knowing how to fix or clean up those messes, using the right tools to do so and having a can do attitude will always get you through those messy spots.

I also welcome tips hints bargains and yes advice. My Blog will be a bit more interactive. The best resolves and ideas come out of sharing information and knowledge. It is never wrong to ask a question. As my Mother would say, there are no wrong questions. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. You may not like the answer but it is easier to work through things and move forward knowing then not knowing.

So look for Helpful Hanks Advice here on this site and send your questions you can leave me a message or note here

Hanks Helpful Hint:
before you use a drain unclogging liquid, which can often be hard on your pipes, try a cup of bleach instead, it is a lot gentler on the pipes , works most the time at unclogging the drain and you’ll save money. The only downside is it may not work as fast as drain cleaners do.

Remember we are all imperfectly perfect

Helpful Hank


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