Helpful Hanks Handy Hints Summertime Memorial Day Column 08052209

Helpful Hanks Handy Hints Summertime Memorial Day Column 08052209


Honoring our Vets

Hello All Helpful Hank here,

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend. A chance for every citizen to honor our veterans. My father was a vet of the Korean War. (The pre cursor to the Vietnam War.) Though I myself am not an advocate of war, I will always support our troops. People do what they feel they have to do. As a teenager just out of High School I tried to enlist in the Army but my father was having none of it. I was eighteen and I thought that was that what could he do? Plenty…. Because I have some disabilities, he was able to go down to the recruiting office and get me un-recruited. He explained me later what he had seen in Korea. He told me he did not want me to be left with such images. I am grateful to my father. It wasn’t that he was against the war; He just didn’t want his son to have to fight in one if he could avoid it. (Later one of my foster brothers would fight in Desert Storm and my Nephew has served four or for terms in Iraq.)
The men and women join with good intentions; they are fighting for our freedom. For that, they should be commended as their hearts are in the right place. Personally, I believe that there can be justified wars. (WWI WWII) Even though war is tragic it can and the toll can be high, it can prevent a much worse fate. World War II is a prime example of this. I must also say I feel wars are becoming a rather archaic way of settling disputes between nations and countries. This in no means should negate the fact that women and men, our children, sons and daughters are fighting battles for what they believe is the betterment of all people. So this Memorial day Say a prayer or keep a thought of safe return for a solider and a veteran. Remember, until there are no more wars and the last Veteran has passed away there will always be a need to remember what veterans of war fought for Our Freedom is.

Summertime, Summertime

Summertime is just around the corner, kids get out of school, families have reunions, picnics and trips to the park. Here are some fun ways to enjoy your gatherings that are inexpensive or free to do during your summer whether you are a kid or a grown-up.
Some of these activities I remember from when I was a child others I have just discovered.
Suitcase Game
A new game I just learned about (On Good Morning America of all places.) The Object of the game is for each member of the team to put all the clothes in the suitcase on. How it works is you have teams of two. They line up on a field or grass area. (If anyone should fall the won’t get hurt.) Each team has two suitcases. One team member sprints over to where the other team member is, opens the suitcase up that the other team member has puts on the clothes in the suitcase over their own clothes and races back with the suitcase. Once back, the other teammate does the same. The first team, with each team member back in his or her original place wins the race. This can be adapted to a kids version, Adults only version or mixed adults and kids. The beauty of this game is you can make it as difficult or easy as possible. You can also substitute a suitcase for a bag as well.

It’s A Cakewalk

When I was a kid in elementary school, we would have a cakewalk at the annual school fair. How it works is you have your guest bring a one layer or two-layer cake any kind (Ice Cream cakes not recommended.) each cake should be on some sort of dish. Then your participants form a circle. Each participant holds the cake and platter on top of his or her head. They all have a mark that they are on. (If it is not windy paper plates work well for the mark.)As the music starts they walk around the circle. One mark is removed. When the music stops anyone not on a mark or who drops their cake is out. (If someone has dropped their cake their mark is removed as well) The last person standing is the winner. The surviving cakes become dessert for your guest. (Livelier music makes for a better game. You can also substitute bowls of water for cakes, which can be lots of fun watching the water spill and participants getting wet, as well as a nice way to cool down in the summer heat.)

Treasure Hunt

This is an easy thing to set up and again is a good game for all ages. It takes a little more prep time then some other games though. Here’s how it works. You work either as an individual or in teams. Each team or individual is given their first clue and once they find the object in their first clue it leads them to the second clue. They must find all the clues and return them to whom ever you have collecting them. The first person or team to collect all the clues and turn them in wins. (You can also have them collect they objects that their clue is attached to. Who says Easter egg hunts are just for Easter.

If you have any summer time games you would like to suggest drop mea line here at the site

Day Of Decision” coming soon
One last thing I would like to mention is the up coming Supreme Court decision on same gender marriage. We are looking at the decision being handed down on Tuesday May 26th. If you would like to participate in the celebration or the re-doubling of our efforts to make same gender marriage a reality in the state of California then here is a site that you can check out to see what is happening in your town. Day of Decision Locals . Any financial support you can give these folks is greatly appreciated. Though financial support is needed what is needed as well are volunteers and people to show up at these rallies.

Well that’s all for now folks. Helpful Hank signing off until next time. And remember we can’t have true equality until we all have true equality. After all isn’t that what our soldier’s fight for and what our veterans fought for Freedom and Equality for all.

Keep cool wear sunscreen and have fun after all that’s what summer time is for having fun.

Helpful Hank.

Helpful Hanks Hints:

Summertime doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun. Hot dogs Hamburgers and corn on the cob are simple fare that are sure to please. I like to put out my Cherry tomatoes that grow in my garden as a snack. Water Mellon is inexpensive and easy to prepare. Instead of Soda How about Ice tea and lemonade mix in a little food coloring with your batch of lemonade to create colorful looking lemonade.

Unusable pieces of fabric can be good for writing your treasure hunt clues on just cut into wide strips and write on the side that your writing is most visible. You can also give your treasure hunt a theme. How about “The Amazing Race” as a theme? If you want to get real elaborate you could set it up so that each team has a decoder (A chart that matches a number symbol or letter to each letter of the alphabet.) and they have to decode the symbols numbers or letters to figure out what clue says.

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