Helpful Hank of Remembrance and Celebration

Helpful Hank of Remembrance and Celebration

Hello Folks, Helpful Hank here. I trust Everyone had a happy 4th of July. We spent the day working on projects and then had friends over for a BBQ and capped the night off with a dog walk downtown Palm Springs.

Well we finally finished the lower set of cabinets I’m happy to say. Now We just have the uppers. It has been a project so far. Getting the lowers done has allowed me to work on some other projects while my spouse was home.

One of the projects we worked on were curtain rods. We had wooden curtain rods and because of the weight of the curtains they had begun to bow. So we decided to look for new ones.

Last time he was here we had gone out and priced them and they can get pricey. We found some end caps that we like so I suggested that I make the curtain rods ourselves with steel poles. What we ended up doing is buying steel pipe for plumbing. We cut it down to size and using black spray paint and a hammered bronze spray paint I was able to create the look we wanted for a fraction of the cost (Each ten-foot section was $6.49.) and all we needed was a hacksaw and some spray paint. They are much sturdier then the wood poles and fit in to our décor nicely.

Recently I had the opportunity to bake a carrot cake ( I use my Grandmothers recipe with a few minor changes as it she made the best I had ever had, I was getting ready to make the cream cheese frosting when I realized I didn’t have powdered sugar. My solution is one that I have used before. I took granular sugar and two cups at a time placed it in my blender and on the pulse setting, I ran the blender on liquefy and blended it until it became powdered sugar. It needs a bit of blending and the reason for using the pulse setting is that the sugar can settle and not move. Using the pulse setting helps to prevent that.

As we celebrate our Independence from British rule, we also celebrate those ordinary people who 40 years ago stood up to be counted at the Stonewall Inn. Just as our fore fathers and fore mothers stood up to tyranny in the 1700’s so did the Ordinary people at the Stonewall Inn. They were just the fringes of humanity who where morning the loss of someone they felt a connection to. (Judy Garland) on the day she was laid to rest. They were not the popular people but they were the ones who had nothing left to lose. To paraphrase what Divine said in Hair Spray. I’ve had it up to here and my diet pills have worn off. I know the feeling.

These folks said enough is enough and How dare you on this day. Pushed to the edge they snapped like a branch in a hard wind, much like our ancestors did when they through the tea in the harbor.

On June 28th at apx 1:03 A.M. the Street Queens, Dykes, Radical Fairies and others decide to fight back. Though this wasn’t the first gay bar to have its patrons fight back this was the one that changed history. When all was said and done we as a community started to see that we did not have to live our lives apologizing for who we are. They fought for our independence as a people. Much like our solders who fought for America’s freedom.

So As we celebrate the 4th of July let us also not forget that Sunday 40 years ago, Street Queens, Dykes and Radical Fairies fought for freedom even if they didn’t realize the magnitude of their battle at the time. With this freedom (independence) comes responsibility. That is never to forget what they fought for and, to continue to fight for freedom.

As a country we continue to fight for freedom as a community we must as well.
So three cheers to the colonist who fought for independence from British Tyranny and three more for those ordinary people who did so as well at the Stonewall Inn 40 years ago. For without ordinary people who put themselves in extraordinary situations for the betterment of others, knowingly or unknowingly, they changed history and gave us the modern gay movement. It is up to us to keep their momentum going until total equality is reached. Freedom isn’t Freedom and less the least of us has it.

We I recently joined a church down in the desert here. Bloom In The Desert Ministries is a warm and welcoming congregation whose modo is “We Welcome All Who Welcome All. For any member of the glbt community it can be a struggle to reconcile who we are with faith. We learn from an early age in many cases that the two cannot exist in harmony. That they are at odds with one another. It can take a great deal of time and some of us are never able to reach the place where who we are enhances our faith as it should.

Well that about wraps it up until next time keep safe and sound. And folks, if you can come on down to Well In The Desert Monday Mornings at 9:00 A.M. and help with “Sandwich Mondays”. that would be super. nh8wear has introduce their new signature t-shirt I support Marriage Equality as well as their new Hartland Hearts T and American Pride T-Shirt

One last thing, I’d be remiss If I didn’t say something about MJ (50) and Farrah. Fawcett (62) Two great talents gone to soon as one sang.

Michael’s influence and impact on music and his charitable ways, (Regardless of what personal demons real or imagined that he may or may not have battled.) will never cease. He was a phenomenal talent. He was as much the people’s prince as Dear Diana was the people’s princess. My whish is that he is at peace watching over his children. I watched a bit of his Memorial Today and thought it to be a very fitting touching tribute to the man. My heart broke for his kids. No child should have to be that young and lose a parent. It’s hard enough at 46.

Farrah was a Pop Icon who actually had some acting chops. I liked her in Charlies Angels (though Sabrina was my favorite.) and was amazed at her ability in Extremities and the Burning Bed. It was sad to see this sweet woman suffer as she did. I hope her son Redmond can get his life together for his own sake.

May they along with Fred Travalena ( 66-Comedian/Impressionist), Gail Storm (87-Actress)Karl Malden (97-actor), Steve McNair(36-Form NFL Quarterback), Robert McNamara ( 93-Former Secretary of Defense), Billy Mays (50-Pitchman of products and half of the show The Pitch Men) may they all rest in peace.

Folks we have Heated up here in the desert with our typical summer weather pattern.
Please remember to keep yourself hydrated, use sunscreen and wear hats.

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